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3D Scan


Being at the forefront of the industry, Détail Optimal can offer a revolutionary 3D site survey scan service. With our advanced and innovative technology, we will accurately survey all the data of the existing building and all its components.

3D scanning generates a realistic point cloud and, at the same time, capture pictures of the entire project. Détail Optimal then incorporate that point cloud in its 3D modelling software to extract accurate data and create a 3D model to develop your new structure with great precision.

The advantage of site survey via 3D scanning is the speed of data capture and precision that prohibit the risk of error.

Détail Optimal provides services to all trades (engineers from all fields, general and specialized contractors, steel structure manufacturer, mining industries, etc.), that need to know the exact state of their buildings and the precise location of components to assess with certainty what can and cannot be done as well as solutions that can be applied to your project in your existing building.



Services offered:

  • On-site 3D scanning (inside and outside)
  • Data extrapolation
  • 3D modelling
  • As-built drawings
  • 2D layout

Our Services Include:

  • Detailed design and manufacturing of industrial, institutional and commercial buildings and miscellaneous steel
  • Anchor plan and parts embedded in concrete
  • Assembly plan
  • Assembly drawings
  • Foundation plan
  • Assembly calculations
  • Shop drawing sealing
  • Site survey via 3D scan
  • Mailing and follow-up list
  • File Transfer by email. FTP and/or email
  • Tekla Structure (Xsteel), Trimble RealWorks Software
  • DXF and/or CNC files
  • Small or large format printing
  • Sealing of our drawings