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Assembly Drawings





Assembly Drawings


Assembly drawings are used to guide factory workers during the manufacturing process of detailed parts. Assemblers, welders, inspectors and fitters are consulted during plan preparation. Each part is drafted according to predetermined standards and guidelines and approved by the designers before being manufactured. Detailed mounting plans and work instructions to be carried out at the site are provided to the worker in charge of assembling the manufactured parts. All design and delivery procedures are predetermined, adjusted and written in-house and then provided to customers according to their requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Detailed design and manufacturing of industrial, institutional and commercial buildings and miscellaneous steel 
  • Anchor plan and parts embedded in concrete
  • Assembly plan
  • Assembly drawings
  • Foundation plan
  • Assembly calculations
  • Shop drawing sealing
  • Site survey via 3D scan
  • Mailing and follow-up list
  • File Transfer by email. FTP and/or email
  • Tekla Structure (Xsteel), Trimble RealWorks Software
  • DXF and/or CNC files
  • Small or large format printing
  • Sealing of our drawings