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Design & Build

Détail Optimal’s certified engineers base their work on cutting-edge technology when designing your construction (no matter what type of commercial, industrial, institutional building) and metalwork projects. We will design your dream project according to the specific requirements of current in force standards and rules, regardless of the area where your project will be performed. Détail Optimal also provides expertise in connection, from the simplest to the most complex, as well as for your needs in sealing of shop drawings.

One of the benefits of using our engineering services, other than simply financial, is project execution speed. We will manage the whole project for you, from structure design to manufacturing!


Services offered:

  • Foundation plan
  • Steel structure plan
  • Miscellaneous steel 
  • Assembly calculations
  • Shop drawing sealing
  • Site survey via 3Dscan

Our Services Include:

  • Detailed design and manufacturing of industrial, institutional and commercial buildings and miscellaneous steel
  • Anchor plan and parts embedded in concrete
  • Assembly plan
  • Assembly drawings
  • Foundation plan
  • Assembly calculations
  • Shop drawing sealing
  • Site survey via 3D scan
  • Mailing and follow-up list
  • File Transfer by email. FTP and/or email
  • Tekla Structure (Xsteel), Trimble RealWorks Software
  • DXF and/or CNC files
  • Small or large format printing
  • Sealing of our drawings