Our Achievements

Musée Minéralogique & Minier de Thetford Mines


Challenges due to (1) the complexity of the member angles as the goal of the project was to make the whole building look like a mineral and (2) the fact that the building was attached to an existing building.

Varennes Biomethanization Facility


A large-scale project with several levels of different foot bridges, all in galvanized steel.

Place Alexis Nihon terminal,


Reinforcement of the structural slab sloping in all directions. Achieved with our readings via 3D scan.

Building C4, District Dix30
in Brossard


Multi-floor building with angles.

Manoir Pierrefonds,


Adding floors to a concrete building.

The 407 McGill,


Extension of an 11-storey building.



Multiple-storey building.

Prestige Residence,


Structural elements in angles and integration with the wood structure.

Rousseau Métal factory,


Large factory with several challenges due to the coordinating of joists with Canam.

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Dorval


Multi-storey building built in angle.

V.I.P. Access Staircase,
Montréal Airport


Galvanized steel staircase.

Ship’s Bridge,


Circular access gateways.

Conveyor Bridges, Industrial plant, Montréal


Multiple constraints and limitations of the existing structure.