Our Services

Assembly Drawings

The assembly drawings purpose is to guide the steel workers in house in the process of fabricating the detail steel pieces.Each part of this process is considered when producing these drawings , fabricators,welders,inspectors and the workers that will assemble the final structure.Our drawings are made using the industry wide standards and,afther executing each phase of the building, the drawings will be reviewed and approuved by the engineers who made the initial concept to insure quality.The final structural assembly drawings will be produced and sent to the erectors with all the information about how to assemble the final structure and how to prepare the existing structures for field work.Each step of delivery will be coordinated in house to satisfy the schedule of each customer.

Advantages over the competition

3D Modeling using Structure by Tekla.
Cutting Edge computers and hardware.
Dynamic and reliable work team.
Over 2000 combined project experience on different types of construction sites.

Our Services include

Drafting of industrial, commercial, institutional steel building and hand worked steel.
Anchoring plan.
Final assembly plans.
Shop assembly drawings.
Parts and bolt list.
Delivery can be made by FTP transfer, Email, postal mail or Courrier.
Xsteel (Structures) and AutoCAD software
DXF files and/or CNC.
Small and large format printing.
Sealing our designs.